Useful things to know about your dog

Make some dog-friendly Christmas crackers in less than 5 minutes

Make some dog-friendly Christmas crackers in less than 5 minutes All you need is a few toilet or kitchen roll inserts, dog treats, and gift wrapping paper. Fill some dog treats in the toilet roll insert. Then roll wrapping paper around the tube and twist both ends carefully. Merry Christmas![...]

A tribute to Dexter, the Dobermann

A reminder to treasure every moment with your best friends  Dexter left us unexpectedly two weeks ago. Of course, I knew it was going to happen some day but I wish we had a bit more time together.  I still can barely believe that he is gone for good and often expect him to come walking up the[...]

There are no magic words in dog training

How to make your dog understand your verbal cues  People often ask me what word they should use to make their dog behave in a certain way. Well, here is the thing: There are no magic words in dog training – unless you train them!   Dogs do not understand English (or whatever language we speak).[...]

Review of K9 Connectables Interactive Dog Toys

As a modern dog trainer I am a huge fan of food dispensing dog toys. They can help to prevent your dog from eating too fast, burn excess energy, prevent many behavioural issues, keep your dog mentally stimulated and sound.   For that reason, I was delighted to test K9 Connectables Interactive Dog Toys. K9[...]

Mouth-watering Homemade Peanut Butter & Apple Christmas Dog Cookies

It is this time of the year again! What would be Christmas without a few extra special treats?  As most of the human treats (e.g. chocolate, mince pies, Christmas pudding, etc.) are not suitable for dogs, I thought, I would surprise my dogs with some delicious homemade Christmas dog cookies this year. Want to know[...]

My dog LOVES to dig, and that’s ok!

My dog LOVES to dig! When I’m out and about on the beach with my dog, people often approach me when they see her happily digging huge holes in the sand. Some just laugh and obviously enjoy watching her busily landscaping the strand. Others seem to be rather concerned about her behaviour and the fact that I don’t[...]

Some important reasons why dogs don’t need a food bowl

Every dog owner has a food bowl although their dogs would be much happier without one. Here is why you are better off if you ditch the food bowl. Your dog will thank you for[...]

Be aware of the consequences of not cleaning up after your dog

It’s finally summer and we all love to be out and about at this time of year. However, if you are taking your four-legged friends on an outing then please make sure you have plenty of poop bags in your pocket. Not picking up after your dog brings all dog owners in discredit. The ubiquitous[...]

Don’t waste your dog’s daily food ration!

Do you feed your dog out of a bowl? Then you are missing out on a vast number of training opportunities per day! Use your dog’s food training puzzle toys hand-feeding scavenger[...]

How to clean up after your dog without soiling your hands!

How to clean up after your dog without soiling your hands! Picking up after your dog is part of being a responsible dog owner. Always clean up after your[...]

Foods you should NOT give to your dog

  Grapes and raisins have often been used as treats for dogs. But it’s not a good idea. Although it isn’t clear why, grapes and raisins can cause kidney failure in dogs. And just a small amount can make a dog ill. Repeated vomiting is an early sign. Within a day, the dog will become[...]

Why puppy classes are so important

Q: Why do I need puppy training classes? Puppy Training Classes Your puppy knows how to sit and come. He knows the basics of heeling. So, why would you want to bother with puppy training classes? There are several great reasons to take classes, even if your puppy has learned the basics. One of the[...]

Space etiquette for dogs

To: People with “Friendly Dogs”, Off-Leash Dogs, & Retractable Leash Dogs Running up to another dog and ignoring requests to go away is not “friendly”, it is rude. Just like people, DOGS NEED PERSONAL SPACE. If a stranger came up and put his hand on your body, you’d be allowed to step back, yell and[...]

How NOT to greet a dog

Most people do this stuff and it stresses dogs out so they BITE! It doesn’t matter how cute you (or your kid) think Boogie is. Please show him some respect. These are the DON’Ts and DOs for greeting a dog.[...]

Playing with your dog

Dogs (and people) love to play! Playing with your dog is one of the best ways to reward him for a job well done. Done correctly, play can help a stressed dog relax and a distracted dog focus.[...]

The dominance myth

Science News Using ‘Dominance’ To Explain Dog Behavior Is Old Hat May 25, 2009 — A new study shows how the behavior of dogs has been misunderstood for generations: in fact using misplaced ideas about dog behavior and training is likely to cause rather than cure unwanted behavior  The findings challenge many of the dominance related interpretations of behavior and training techniques[...]

Responsible Dog Ownership – The Irish Law

Control of dogs Under the Control of Dogs Act 1986, as amended by the Control of Dogs (Amendment) Act 1992, local authorities are responsible for the control of dogs. They have the power to appoint dog wardens, provide dog shelters, seize dogs, impose on-the-spot fines and take court proceedings against owners. Local authorities may enter into agreements[...]