Review of K9 Connectables Interactive Dog Toys

As a modern dog trainer I am a huge fan of food dispensing dog toys.

They can help to

  • prevent your dog from eating too fast,
  • burn excess energy,
  • prevent many behavioural issues,
  • keep your dog mentally stimulated and sound.


For that reason, I was delighted to test K9 Connectables Interactive Dog Toys.

K9 Connectables come in three different designs that (the clue is in the name) are all connectable.

If your dog is not very experienced in working for his food then you can simply start him off by only filling one part and then slowly increase the difficulty by gradually connecting more parts.

I stuffed the toys with dry dog food and a bit of peanut butter before I connected them and handed them over to my dogs. See the results in the video.

K9 Connectables kept my German Shepherd X busy for about 45 minutes and she happily snoozed in her bed for a couple of hours after all the hard work.

My Dobermann Pinscher only took about 10 minutes to dismantle the parts and empty them, but I am pretty sure he still had lots of fun. Next time I will try to freeze the connected parts for him to extend the duration of the game.


I think, K9 Connectables are a fabulous innovation for the dog toy market.

They are easy to load and provide lots of variety for the average chewer – plus they help to clean your dogs teeth while eating. They are also convenient to clean as they are dishwasher safe.

In addition, K9 Connectables can be used for games of fetch as they bounce and float. The Tech Bone is a safe alternative to sticks and the Original even fits into a ball launcher.

In my opinion, K9 Connectables are a very well-conceived product that I can truly recommend to owners of small to medium-sized dogs.

K9 Connectables can be ordered at

NOTE: I have NOT been paid for this review but only got a free sample of the toys for testing.