Terms & Conditions for Training

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Our professional advice is based on scientific information and is prescribed and tailored specifically for your circumstance and situation. We will cease assistance and support should you, a family member or person in charge of your dog partake in any form of training that is not included in your plan.
  2. By not conforming to the advice provided to you by us you may be putting you, your family, other members of the public and/or other animals at risk.
    Always adhere to all safety protocols that we advise.
  3. In order to reduce the spread of COVID-19, only one or two adults from each household will be permitted to attend an in-person session.
  4. If possible, we will be working outdoors (e.g. your garden) or at least, in a well-ventilated room where a minimum distance of 2 metres between each attendee can be maintained.
  5. We won’t shake hands or exchange training equipment. Please have all equipment ready that we might need throughout the training session such as your dog’s collar, harness, normal lead, long line, treats (low and high value), water & bowl, and poo bags.
  6. The use of face masks is appreciated, especially if no safe outdoor training space is available. Please inform us prior to the in-person training session if your dog is not comfortable with people wearing face masks.
  7. Please keep your dog on lead and don’t be offended if we don’t touch your dog. We will only make direct contact with your dog if it will be absolutely necessary for safety reasons.
  8. Please let us know if you or a member of your household have potentially been exposed to COVID-19 within 14 days prior to our session or experience any symptoms (see  HSE website for common symptoms). We will then postpone the session to a later date. There will be no cancellation charge in that case. We will also inform you immediately when we have knowingly been exposed to the virus.
  9. We will maintain proper hand hygiene and use hand sanitizer before and after each session as well as during the session if needed. Should you use hand sanitizer during the training session, please be aware that alcohol-based hand sanitizer is poisonous for dogs if they ingest it or large quantities are spilled on them. Thus, it is important to store bottles safely away from your dog and wait until the alcohol has evaporated from your hands after application before touching your dog or feeding treats. You might also take into consideration that some dogs find the smell of hand sanitizers aversive and might not take treats out of your hands.
  10. Payment will can be submitted electronically via a safe payment link that we will send you via email or in cash. If you want to pay in cash please have the exact amount due ready at our training session.
  11. If you cancel the training session with less than 24 hours notice for any other reason than a potential COVID-19 case in your household, a €25 cancellation charge will apply.
  12. By completing this document you agree to indemnify Pawsome Manners against any damage or injury caused by your dog to any other person or animal while under your care.
  13. By completing this document you agree to all above terms and conditions.
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